Silver Comet Charm

Droplet-shaped silver pendant fully embellished with white zirconia gemstones. The pendant is made of solid silver and can be attached to all medallions.

Item number: 6032

Price 45,00 EUR

Silver Comet charm is an elegant piece embellished with white cubic zirconia stones. It will become a beautiful addition to any customizable jewelry piece by Spirit Icons. You can attach it to a necklace or earrings of your choice, turning them into beautiful evening pieces.

Silver Comet charms will look extraordinary when combined with any customizable pair of silver earrings. Remember that you need two identical charms to complete a set of earrings. You can choose gold or silver earrings in different styles, including stud earrings and hanger earrings. If you choose hanger earrings, you will able to additionally decorate them with icons. This way you can personalize your jewelry to the fullest extent.

A great pick for your silver Comet charms will be silver studs from Eden collection. They are a truly luxurious piece made of polished silver. You can also choose earring in the same style with white zirconia gemstone decoration, if you are looking for something more festive.