Rings from Spirit Icons are a great addition to any outfit, be it a casual look or a special occasion one.  All rings from the collection have matching necklaces, bracelets and earrings, so you might as well have a whole set of matching jewelry and wear it together or apart, depending on your taste.
Spirit icons rings are made of 925 sterling silver and have 18 karat gold plating, rose gold plating or rhodium plating. Many rings are embellished with white or black zirconia stones.
Spirit icons rings can be completed by any icons and charms from the collection, allowing you to have a unique garment which will reflect your personal style.
How to determine your ring size?
If you are not sure, in which size to buy a ring, you should check the size first. There are many ways of measuring your finger size. You ask about it in a jewelry store and your finger will be measured with a plastic or metal ring sizer, but you can also do it at home using an online tool.
The easiest way to measure your finger is to measure it’s circumference with an unstrechy string, and convert the measurement into a relevant sizing system. Spirit Icons uses a very easy measuring system, where ring’s size is determined by the circumference of your finger. This way, if your finger has 50 mm big circumference, order size 50, if your finger is 52 mm, order size 52 and so on. If your size falls between sizes, order a larger ring.
Make sure to measure your finger at the end of the day and when your hands are warm, as cold fingers shrink in size. Consider carefully if you are buying rings during pregnancy, as fingers can become thicker while it.
Wearing ring is thousands years old tradition, and in different times it meant different things. Often in the past ring reflected power and wealth of the owner, especially ring worn on the thumb. Signet rings were used to seal letter and sign documents, and were engraved with coat of arms.
Another lifelong tradition is wedding rings. As long as ring has a shape of a circle and has no beginning and no end, it perfectly symbolizes eternal love and devotion. Traditional wedding ring is a plain band with no decoration, but nowadays many wedding bands have precious stones or other decorating. It is common to have a wedding date engraving on the inside of the ring.