Capricorn Icon

Sign of the zodiac made in polished silver on oxidised silver background. The icon can be attached to any ring, earrings, bracelet or necklace from the collection.

Item number: 3054

Price 26,00 EUR

Capricorn icon has a polished silver Zodiac sign on the dark oxidized silver background. Combine it with any customizable jewelry by Spirit icons to create your unique talisman or give it as a present for some special occasion. You can attach it to any necklace, bracelet, ring or earrings.

Create a beautiful silver necklace by picking any customizable piece from Spirit icons collection. You can also decorate it with a charm. Remember that you can attach one charm and one icon at a time. Endless number of combinations will allow to you to style your Spirit icons jewelry in different ways to match it with any outfit.

A great pick for your Capricorn icon will be a silver necklace from Pendulum collection. It has a simple design with a polished silver surface, and white zirconia gemstone decoration will add a beautiful sparkle to the garment.