Blue Topaz Charm

Beautiful blue topaz inlaid in polished silver. The pendant is made of solid silver and can be attached to all medallions.

Item number: 6038

Price 89,00 EUR

Blue Topaz charm is a beautiful piece with a natural stone inlaid in sterling silver. You can wear it with any customizable necklace, earrings or bracelet by Spirit Icons. Many Spirit Icons pieces can be decorated with icons of your choice. Experiment by combining pieces of different styles to come up with a unique look.

Choose to wear your Blue Topaz charm with a necklace to create an elegant piece. You can choose among silver and gold necklaces to pick the one which suits your style the best. It is really easy to attach and remove charms to necklaces so you can create a new look as often as you want to.

A great choice for your Blue Topaz charm will be a silver necklace from Pendulum collection. It has a matching polished silver finish and minimalistic design, which will not distract attention from the charm. White zirconia gemstone decoration will be a subtle accent, which will make the piece to shine.